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Share. Overcome. Celebrate. VICTA activities for 14 to 17 years are the perfect way to challenge yourself enjoy your independence and have fun with likeminded people. Along the way, you’ll pick up new life skills, boost your confidence and build your friendship group. You will meet people your age who also have a visual impairment. They will get you. They will understand you.

“I loved getting to try
new things and also
meeting new friends
and seeing old ones

18-29 Driving Break 2019

“This was my first time attending a VICTA
trip following my diagnosis last year and
I enjoyed every second. It ended far too
quickly! Sometimes I struggle with being
the one who can see best but was able
to put this to good use by guiding others
around the city and even more so
when we were at the farm cleaning
out chickens!”

18-29 Bristol 2019

Ellie Blake attended the VICTA 18+ Photography Course, she tells us all about her experience.

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