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New opportunity – BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter Competition The BBC Young Reporter Competition is open until 27 March 2022 for those aged 11-18. It's an amazing opportunity to produce a report on a story or issue important to you.  It is a unique chance to tell your story on TV, radio, online or on social media with the help of BBC journalists, producers and programme makers! This year’s theme is ‘Me and My World’. Find out all about the competition and how to enter here: www.bbc.co.uk/teach/young-reporter/competition/zghcydm Need some inspiration? Previous examples include: Ben’s story, produced with BBC Sport, reflects the reality [...]

Exploring the creative arts – interview with singer Grace Whitford

In November we chatted to singer and actress Grace Whitford about following her dreams of becoming a singer. Grace Whitford initially came across some resistance against following her dream career as a singer. She talks to the Student Portal about discovering her love of music after losing her sight at a young age and the point at which she realised she wanted to pursue it as her career. Grace now performs live at venues and festival and is recording her first EP, she offers some great advice on being determined and working hard to achieve your goals. Watch our [...]

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How Braille has changed throughout my life

by Harriet Smith Thinking back over the years, it is interesting to see how braille has changed throughout my life. I don't remember learning braille, but I've been told that I used to feel and sort through a lot of seeds in order for my fingers to become sensitive to it. This is important from a young age because it can be hard to learn braille when you're older as your fingers are less sensitive. I absolutely love braille and would hate to be without it. I think it is wonderful how the development of technology has allowed braille [...]

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STRiVE: Is university for me?

by Ruqaiya Asim After finishing college this year (2021), decided I wanted to go to university to carry on doing Fine Art. However, I kept asking myself, did I really want to go to university or not. I had several questions floating around in my head. How did I know university was the right choice for me? What else could I do if not a degree? What other options are out there? It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do. I’m going to share with you what I did and why I made the choice [...]

By |October 8, 2021|Categories: 14 to 17, 18 plus, Arts, Create, Strive, University|0 Comments

Behind the blog – A VIP’s blogging experience

By Elin Williams In the last few years, blogs have become one of the most popular innovations in the online world with people of different genders, ages, abilities and interests taking to a blog to share their stories, passions and opinions. This has also been the case for many vision impaired people, myself included, and I receive many questions about how I started my blog as well as how accessible I find the process of blogging and sharing content through social media. I established my blog, My Blurred World, in April 2015 to share my experience of living with a [...]

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