Opportunity focus

The CNIB Foundation has teamed up with VICTA to offer places on two of their virtual Learning Academy programmes this summer.

This is a great opportunity for UK teenagers with a vision impairment to meet Canadian vision impaired teenagers on a virtual platform.

The two programmes are the ‘Junior Explorers’ programme for Canadian grades 7-8 (12-14 years old) and the ‘Young Achievers’ programme for Canadian grades 9-10 (14-16 years old).

There are two places available for VICTA UK students on each programme.

CNIB Learning Academy ‘Junior Explorers’ (12-14 years old)
Weekdays from July 4  to  July 15, 2022 from 5pm – 6pm UK time (12 noon – 1pm in Canada) 

Participants will explore their skills and strengths, hear from people with sight loss about their careers, and learn about best practices for success in high school. For just an hour a day over ten weekdays, attendees can begin to build foundations for secondary school transition and plant the seeds for early career recognition and exploration.  Program content will be delivered in a fun and engaging style utilizing group games, challenges, and chats.

CNIB Learning Academy ‘Young Achievers’ (14-16 years old)
Weekdays from July 4  to  July 15, 2022 from 7pm – 8.30pm UK time (2-3:30 pm in Canada)

This bridge program to Learning Academy’s SCORE Scholars provides students serious about their academic and long-term career goals with important tools for the future. Fundamental analytical and goal setting skills are introduced to build an individualized map for success. Early volunteer, summer and part time jobs are discussed in relationship to long term school and career aspirations. Special guest speakers who live with sight loss and are leaders in their field will provide personal stories for inspiration.

Application process

To apply, follow the link here to the application form for each programme: https://cnib.ca/en/cnib-learning-academy?region=gta

For the ‘endorser information’ please put down the following VICTA details:
Full name: VICTA
Phone: 01908 240 831
Email: activities@victa.org.uk

Send your completed form to Walter Dickinson, Program Coordinator, Child, and Youth at walter.dickinson@cnib.ca

Please also notify the VICTA Activities Team activities@victa.org.uk that you have completed this. Please note that due to limited spaces, a completed application form does not guarantee a place on the programme.

Closing date: Friday 17 June 2022