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Tactile Times are getting into the Christmas spirit already and have launched a fully-accessible, online advent calender.

If you fancy a change from printed advent calendars this one is fully-accessible with all major screen readers using a computer or a phone and you can access it with a Braillenote Touch. You might even hear a few familiar voices along the way!

You can visit it to open the first few door right now:

The will have a new door unlocking each day, and a bumper day on the 24th.

It is a great opportunity to practice your internet navigation skills, while discovering a new piece of hidden content each day.

For example, in JAWS, you can use Insert+F5 to get a list of all 24 doors on the page, press enter to select one, and then simply press the number 4 to jump straight to the door’s contents.

Alternatively, you could use this is an opportunity to practice navigating tables. In any browser supporting quick navigation keys, just press the letter t to jump to the advent calendar (which behind the scenes is actually a table). After that, you can navigate around it either using JAWS table layer mode (Insert+Space followed by the letter T) or the AltControl Key to the right of your space bar in conjunction with the arrow keys.

If you’re on a phone you can still practice rotor skills by setting the VoiceOver rotor to “headings” to find the table, “Form controls” to find the doors and more.

You can also practice more general keyboard shortcuts in conjunction with the calendar. In Chrome for Windows Control+D will bookmark the page so you can come back later, and Control+M will play the audio file in doors that contain one.

The Tactile Times editors hope that you all enjoy the advent calendar!

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