VICTA’s annual Braille Art competition is open and we think you should get involved!

We chatted to winners from previous years about their entries and why they loved getting creative with Braille.

In 2021 Joseph was the winner in our over 10s category with his chocolate braille creation! The image features a rocket launching into space made from chocolate buttons.

Joseph tells us why he thinks Braille is so important to recognise and celebrate:

“I think that Braille is an important skill for people of all different levels of vision impairment to learn. Although I think that modern assistive technologies such as screen readers should also be learned, it is always a good idea to keep your options open.

I personally feel that Braille is at its best when using it for writing due to the speed I think it provides over traditional handwriting. I also find Braille reading is  more efficient than print reading due to the large font size I require.

Braille can be learned in many fun and interesting ways such as creating Braille pictures and even Braille Rubix cubes, but my favourite way is Braille LEGO. with Braille LEGO you can play games like hangman or create words from a certain subject with the bricks.

Overall, I also feel that Braille opens up many great opportunities later in life, it can help you keep up with work at the best speed you can.”

In 2022 Phoebe came first in our over 10s category with her Picasso inspired braille art. She created a brightly coloured portrait using different coloured paper cut into different shapes, brailled and arranged to form an abstract face on a blue background.

Phoebe tells us why she loved taking part in the VICTA Braille Art competition and the artwork she created.

Ready to get involved?

There are two age categories in the competition – under 10s and 10 and overs. In each category there are some amazing prizes up for grabs – 1st place will receive a £50 Amazon voucher and 2nd place will receive a £25 Amazon voucher.

Applications close on 31 January so make sure you get your entries in soon! All of the details on the category themes and how to enter, are on the VICTA website.

Visit the competition page on the VICTA website and find out how to enter >

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