Strive Issue 7 - Acceptance and growth

A poem by Mahalia Creft

The blue-purple hue of an early early morning as I lay twisted up in yellow with my eyes just barely open.

The taste of chocolate melding deep into the corners of my taste-buds as I sneak a stray biscuit before mum brings in a “proper” breakfast.

The feel of a warm plate on my lap when the sun is at its highest point and my belly is at its largest.

The scent of something sweet, ringing melodically in my nostrils and my throat.

The sound of music that I hear, caressing the innards of my drum.

The sound of music that I play, stretching my finger muscles with chords of D, F and A.

Pencils etching into the thin white, marring the sheet with beautiful lines of grey and darker grey and light and dark and shadow and non-shadow; a thousand words spoken.

Characters, made up, whom I am now completely and utterly invested in because of hours watching T.V

A fantasy

A romance

A fantasy romance

The movie, that movie, that I’ve watched a million times but can never seem to get bored of.

The crispness of newly washed sheets as I settle between them.

The feeling of drifting away into the calm of sleep.

Mahalia Creft

About Mahalia

Hi, my name is Mahalia. I’m 19 and am currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. When it comes to my hobbies I love everything creative. Music, theatre, beauty, hair, drawing, writing, cooking, baking… you name it! In the future I hope to become an author and also open my own publishing house. (Although I have to think about getting through uni first.)

I am so excited to be a VICTA Strive Ambassador and look forward to creating with the team.