VICTA Young Achievers Award

Young Achievers Award

Be the best you can!

If you are aged 10 years old and under, you can take part in our new award scheme and become a VICTA Young Achiever! Explore and develop your own interests in Science, Nature, Community, and the Arts and earn pin badges as you go.

The VICTA Young Achievers Award scheme is broken down into four different themes to be completed at certain times of the year. There is a pin badge to collect for each theme as you work toward earning your medal.

  • January to March – Science
  • April to June – Nature
  • July to September – Community
  • October to December – Create

The step by step guide to earning your VICTA Young Achievers Award

  • Step one – Each theme matches a different time of the year: January to March is Science, April to June is Nature, July to September is Community and October to December is Create. You will need to complete the badges in this order. For example, if you are starting in August, you can go back and complete the previous sections (Science and Nature) before starting the current one (which in August would be Community).  You will then need to wait until September to start ‘Create’. Make sure you read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page before you start to make sure you are eligible to take part.
  • Step two – Decide which three activities to do to earn your first pin badge. For each theme you will find there is one activity that has been set by VICTA that you need to complete. The other two activities are your choice. Just remember, you always need to complete three activities in total for each theme to earn the badge. If you visit the theme pages below, you will find lots of inspiration and ideas of tasks you can complete. For example, for science you might record yourself conducting an experiment, share some coding you’ve done or visit your local science museum. As well as trying our suggestions, we also encourage Young Achievers to think outside the box and submit your own activity ideas. If you are unsure as to whether an activity would be accepted, please get in touch at
  • Step three – Once you’ve decided which tasks you’d like to do, it’s time to get started. Don’t forget to take photos or videos as you go along. You’ll need these to earn your badges. Why not download VICTA’s handy help sheet to keep track of what you achieve >
  • Step four – Once you have completed three activities within your theme, visit the appropriate theme page and complete our entry form. It will ask you to add some photos or links to videos so that we can see what you did.
  • Step five – Once the theme comes to an end, we’ll look at what you have all been doing and send out your badge. For example, at the end of March, anyone that has completed their three Science themed activities will receive a collectable Science pin badge. We will also pop your photos on the page for everyone to appreciate.
  • Step six – There’s no rest for young achievers! It’s time to do it all again and earn your second, third and then fourth pin badge.
  • Step seven – Can you complete all four themes and collectable pin badge? If you do, you can celebrate your amazing achievement with a VICTA Young Achievers Award medal and a presentation pack at the end of the year.

You spoke. We listened.
Does your Young Achiever have a sibling that does the award alongside them? We’d like to recognise all those Super Siblings out there – we know you work just as hard as your brother or sister. When you submit your activities, make sure to pop the name of your Super Sibling on the form and we’ll send them a certificate to celebrate their achievements!

Already completed your Young Achievers Award in 2023?
Good news! You can take part again and earn your Gold Young Achievers Award! Get in touch with us at to find out more.

Are you a group or organisation?
We’d love for you to take part. Get in touch with us at

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Calling all content creators!

VICTA are looking for 14-17 year olds to help produce content, design activities and find resources for our Young Achievers Award. This is a great chance to have your input into a programme for our under 10s and gain experience in creating material for our website. If you are interested, please get in touch with us at

In return for your hard work, you’ll be placed into a prize draw at the end of the year. More content you create equals more entries!

Visit the theme pages to find out how to earn each badge and submit your evidence

January to March


to June


July to


October to December


Terms and conditions

  • The Young Achievers Award is open to children aged 10 and under who are registered or are registrable as blind or partially sighted
  • Entrants must be permanent residents of the UK
  • For each theme, entrants must complete three activities – one set by VICTA and two of their choice
  • Evidence submission must be completed by a parent/carer
  • By submitting evidence for the award, you agree to your photos/videos, your child’s name and age being used by VICTA, including being displayed on the VICTA website, on our social media channels and on charity emails
  • Please note, the actual badges and medal you receive might differ to the ones in the illustrations

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