By Hannah Bromley-Challenor

I have always loved writing, from creative writing, to making lists and notes. When my eyesight started to deteriorate in my mid-teens, I feared I would lose one of my favourite pastimes.

That was until my school gave me the opportunity to learn how to read and write in Braille. Ever since then I have been passionate about Braille. It gives me the freedom to do everyday things such as write shopping lists, that I can take into town with my carers, or gather notes from lectures at university. With a Braillenote I can write emails, put up posts on Facebook and look up stuff online, like YouTube, and this is all made possible through Braille.

However, it is not always easy to find Braille. A lot of things still don’t have clear Braille on them, and if they do it is not always the relevant information we need like dosages on medication, resulting in having to rely on others to read it for us.  So, I decided to start up a government petition to get legislation stating that all products sold in the UK will have clear Braille labelling. If this is made into law I hope this helps many other Braille-users like myself to gain the independence and confidence we need to contribute to a progressively more inclusive society.

If you wish to support this, please sign and share the petition in the link below.

The photo shows Hannah smiling happily to the camera.

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  1. Lynne Andrews January 28, 2023 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Absolutely agree with you Hannah. I wish you lots of luck in your campaign.

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